Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baby Joe is already 3 months old!

It's so hard to believe, but it's true. Little Joe turned 3 months old on Sept. 7. He is so cute I can barely take my eyes off of him. He is such a little love. He is really growing, and is definitely doing more these days than just the usual routine of nap-eat-nap-eat that had been previously filling up our days.

Joey's first smile happened on July 24. Since then, he's been smiling and laughing so much! His recent accomplishments include reaching for the toys on the sides of his crib and grasping them with enough strength to pull them toward him. He can also roll from his back to his side.

Very impressive!!!


  1. Ah, I could just scoop him right up! What a sweet little guy and don't you love all the baby stages? I had such fun watching my kids as babies. Not that I don't have a blast now, but baby development is truly a special time.

  2. oh, thank you! I do love all of the baby stages. I am making sure to really enjoy and savor every moment because now I know from experience how fast it really goes!!



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