Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall- Right outside my front door

You know, there's something really magical about being able to be in your own home during the day. I know that must sound wierd, but when you are normally used to going to the office all day, having the chance to actually be in your own home before it gets dark outside feels like a luxury.
This is the first autumn that we have lived in this house (since we got married!) that I have been home every day, during daylight hours. I really can't get over what a beautiful fall we're having! The colors on the trees are just begging to not be taken granted for. So many people drive to different locations around upsate NY and New England to catch a glimpse of the fall foliage. This year, I am so glad that we don't really need to go anywhere to experience fall in it's full glory. We can simply step outside into our own yard!
Those leaves on the ground will be raked into big piles later today, perfect for jumping in!

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