Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I just returned from an invigoratingly beautiful walk along the Erie Canal. Why I didn't make an effort to do this sooner in my maternity leave is beyond me. This would have surely become the morning routine on the days that Chrissy goes to school. As long as the fall weather stays reasonably moderate, Joe and I will definitely do this more often!

The fall colors along the canal are simply spectacular! I can't believe I forgot to bring my camera! And to think I work for Kodak! I took several shots with the Blackberry and posted them to my facebook. As you can see, the BB does not do justice to the scenery. Note to self, keep the camera in the stroller!

We ended our walk at Starbucks. I was surprised to find that I wanted something on ice, in spite of the fact that the temps were in the 40's during my walk.

Joe slept through it all. The two ladies sitting at the table next to us at Starbucks were hoping Joe would wake up so that I'd take him out of the stroller. No such luck today!


  1. The pic is gorgeous regardless. I wish my blackberry had a camera! My hubby bought me the slimline one that had a camera but I took it back as the keyboard drove me nuts!
    Out of all the colors of fall, those red leaves always grab my attention.

  2. The reds here in upstate NY are really pretty, but they absolutely pale in comparison to the reds in New England where I grew up. The pictures you posted from San Fran are breathtaking!



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