Friday, October 17, 2008

Joey's First Head Cold!

Unfortunately, I can add one more milestone to little Joe's list........he has his very first head cold!
He caught it from his big brother, who has been sick since about Monday.
Poor baby!!! Last night, he was up every hour until about midnight, and then he would sleep for two or so hours before waking up coughing again. I feel so bad for this little guy! Yes, I know it's just a harmless cold, but it always seems so much worse for an infant.
I am really hoping that what all the books (and our pediatrician) say is true about breastfeeding passing on specific antibodies to specific illnesses. Hopefully I'll be able to protect Joe's cold from getting much worse or turning into an ear infection!
Regardless, he seems to be in good spirits! Poor little sweetie!

1 comment:

  1. There is something about a sick little baby that sends you into a slight panic...even if it is your second child. I always felt helpless even though it was just a cold. I hope everyone is healthy soon.



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