Friday, October 31, 2008

Kids in Costume at Gymboree!

Today was a ton of fun at Gymboree. All the kids wore their Halloween costumes to their play class! The Moms were all decked out in cute Halloween t-shirts (not to mention the requisite socks) too.
Chris and Joe just love Gymboree. Chrissy has so much fun playing and jumping on all of the equipment. Joey is at the stage now where he can go down the slides with my assistance. Of course, the best part is at the end when they get the parachute out and the instructor blows bubbles and leads the group in song. Whoever invented Gymboree is a genius. It's fun for kids, and Mom's too!!!!
Here are some of the pictures I took today. I also have a video of Chris singing the "Bubbles Song" that I need to work on (the file must be too large or something because I had trouble posting it).

Here's Christopher in his scary Skeleton outfit!
This little girl, Maya, is a sweetheart!And last, but not least, baby Joe looking so festive in his Halloween shirt!

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