Friday, November 7, 2008

Tonight is a first for Greg and I. We have been invited to a friend's house for dinner this evening, and we've decided to hire a sitter for Christopher. He's going to be three in January, and this is our first night out without him!!! The only time we've ever left him was to go to the hospital for Joseph's birth! Most of our friends think we're absolutely pathetic that we've never gone out without the kids. Greg and I are just not that kind of couple, I guess. We don't need distance from our kids or an evening "away". At least not right now. I suppose this could change with time and as the kids get older, we'll become more comfortable with the idea of leaving them with sitters.
Chris will be with our next door neighbor Rachel, who is a very responsible 14 year old. Her Mom will also be home so I feel very comfortable that the evening will go smoothly!
Fingers crossed!!!

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  1. My husband are like you two as well as we never went out when the kids were tiny either. My friends and family thought we were crazy too! We just aren't the partying kind of people, I guess. I am a homebody at heart. Funny enough, we are going out tonight as well and leaving the kids with a babysitter. Have a good night!



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