Monday, December 29, 2008

Fevers, and Ear Aches, and Strep, Oh My!

Oh what a week it's been, and there seems to be no end in sight. Christopher was hit hard with strep throat and tonsillitis. High fevers and no appetite had him feeling so lousy. Once we got the antibiotics into him, the strep cleared up quickly. But, unfortunately that was not the end for him, as he developed a really nasty head cold. Just as the week was ending and Chris was starting to feel better, poor baby Joe succumbed to the illness. He has had a lousy head cold and now has a double ear infection. Poor little sweetie. There is simply nothing worse than sick little kids. Needless to say, sleep has been at a minimum for all of us! I feel like I could use a caffiene IV !!! Let's just hope that Joe begins to feel better soon so that we can make our planned trip to Chelmsford this week! We are planning a party to celebrate Chrissy's 3rd birthday with all our family!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

What a wonderful Christmas!

2008 will go down as the best Christmas yet, in spite of Chris being so sick that we couldn't travel to Massachusetts to be with family. It was Christopher's first real "I believe in Santa" Christmas. He really understood the whole concept of Santa bringing toys from the North Pole. Thanks to the story of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, Chris also believes in the Bumble, the elves, and all of Santa's other reindeer too! Even though the poor little guy was so sick earlier this week with strep throat, tonsillitis, and croup :-(, he was as happy as can be this morning when he woke up to find that Santa did indeed bring a drum set, a kitchen, and a million other toys for him! It goes without saying that this Christmas is even extra special thanks to the addition of little Joe! What a cutie he is!!! He is such a good little boy, and Santa brought him all kinds of toys including the Elmo that Christopher requested on his behalf.Greg and I are so lucky. We have the sweetest little boys who make our lives so happy and wonderful!
Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Keep Your Distance, Big Man in Red

It's kind of strange when you think about it. We try to instill in our children that they must be wary of strangers and to always stay close by us and hold our hands. Lest we have them running off with someone we don't know!

Why is it, then, that we expect them to just automatically warm up and beam with delight when they see Santa? I mean really, just look at him. He's big, wears a red suit, and has a long white beard. Not exactly your average Joe.

Christopher has had a long-standing love/hate relationship with Santa. He loves the idea that he gets to request all kinds of toys from him, but not at the risk of getting too close. God forbid he actually have to sit on Santa's lap.
This picture above represents the third time we've seen Santa this season, and it's the closest Christopher has gotten to him.
I will say one thing, Chris certainly got his message across. He boldly said to Santa "I want a kitchen, a drum set, and an Elmo for baby Joe". Mission accomplished!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shiver Me Timbers! It's a Pirate Playdate!

What a great day today was! Kate and her mom Gretchen came over to our house for a fabulous playdate. The kids really hit it off and enjoyed playing with playdoh, puzzles, and trucks! Kate wore her pirate shirt just for Christopher because she knew how much he'd enjoy it! Christopher thanked her for doing so by getting out the markers and introducing Kate to the wonderful world of washable magic markers!!!

Unfortunately, Kate and Gretchen could only stay for a couple of hours because Kate had to get to her 18 month checkup. After they left, Christopher asked when they were coming back!

Soon, we hope!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

That Perfect Shot for the Christmas Card

Talk about an exercise in futility. This is starting to get ridiculous! Greg and I have been trying since THANKSGIVING to get a good shot of the boys to put in our Christmas card. These guys are just not cooperating! When one looks at the camera and smiles perfectly, the other is looking at his feet. Or worse, crying!
This picture above is NOT going to be used, but was way too funny not to post and definitely captures the mood of the photo session. They had both had enough of us trying to get them to sit and smile perfectly. Joey started his usual routine of blowing raspberries and Chris wanted to watch Charlie Brown Christmas and was basically "done" with the pictures for the night.
Guess we'll try again another night this week, and hopefully will be able to get the cards in the mail before Christmas!!!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

6 Months Old and Cute as Ever!!!

Today is December 7th and little Joe is 6 months old! Unbelievable!!! This charming little fellow is getting so big and handsome. It's just killing me to think about the fact that I will be going back to work at the end of January.
Joey's favorite activities include spitting out his food at me while I'm trying to feed him and also blowing raspberries at everyone! It's so cute!!!

Joe has begun eating all kinds of foods like peaches, applesauce, oat cereal, carrots, and sweet potatoes. His well-baby checkup is coming up on the 22nd. I'm sure he'll pass with flying colors!

P.S. adorable outfit courtesy Auntie Sue and Uncle Bob!

Cutting Down the Christmas Tree

Our annual tradition of going to Williams Tree Farm to cut down our Christmas tree has become even more special now that we have Chris and Joe to share in it with us.
Every year we strive to get the most perfect Fraser Fir we can find. It's becoming a bit more challenging with babies in tow, but well worth it. Those pre-cut trees just don't do the trick!
Here is a cute shot of the boys near one of the three horses at the tree farm:


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