Tuesday, December 9, 2008

That Perfect Shot for the Christmas Card

Talk about an exercise in futility. This is starting to get ridiculous! Greg and I have been trying since THANKSGIVING to get a good shot of the boys to put in our Christmas card. These guys are just not cooperating! When one looks at the camera and smiles perfectly, the other is looking at his feet. Or worse, crying!
This picture above is NOT going to be used, but was way too funny not to post and definitely captures the mood of the photo session. They had both had enough of us trying to get them to sit and smile perfectly. Joey started his usual routine of blowing raspberries and Chris wanted to watch Charlie Brown Christmas and was basically "done" with the pictures for the night.
Guess we'll try again another night this week, and hopefully will be able to get the cards in the mail before Christmas!!!!!

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  1. i think you should use this picture! it's so adorable1



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