Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Joe is 8 months old!

Wow, time flies!!!!!!! Joe is 8 months old and is really doing well! His favorite things to do include crawling everywhere as well as pulling himself up to a standing position. I just can't get over how quickly he is growing and how well his motor skills are developing.
Joe also started daycare at the very end of January and, after a rough start, is really doing well! I am so proud of him!

Joe, I love you more than words can say! I am so glad you got through your recent health issues. You are my little sweetie!!! XOXOXO

Intussusception! How Scary!

Well, since this blog is dedicated to documenting the life and times of Chris and Joe, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the scariest 24 hours of little Joe's life.

It was Friday, Feb. 6 and Joe's daycare called to tell me they were observing strange behavior on his part. They thought he was not feeling well, and he wouldn't eat anything. When I got there to see for myself, I was convinced that Joe probably had the stomach bug that was circulating in his room. Well, by 4:00 pm that day, I knew something was terribly, terribly wrong with poor little Joe. He was screaming in pain, and would immediately fall asleep right after a screaming fit. Then some other serious symptoms developed and I knew our only option was the emergency room. We rushed as fast as we could. When we arrived, I was amazed at how fast the staff got Joe checked in. I told them the symptoms he was having, and immediately there were two doctors and two nurses by our side. They knew exactly what it was. It was intussusception and it needed to be treated immediately. Once treated, Joe felt much better but was SO exhausted from the whole ordeal! He and I stayed at the hospital Friday night and we were finally discharged on Saturday night at 6pm after he got a clean bill of health from the docs on staff.

All I can say is what a nightmare. I have never been so scared in my life. My precious little angel was in so much pain, and in such serious trouble.

Thankfully, he's made a full recovery!!!! Thank you God, for answering all of my prayers on that evening. I know you were watching out for us.
Joe, please don't ever scare us like that again!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO We LOVE you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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