Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, another year has come and gone! I swear Christmas day came and went so fast, I'm glad I got a bunch of great shots of the boys opening up their presents!! They were so excited!
Greg and I have decided to stay home for Christmas ever since we had the kids. We used to go to Grammy's in Chelmsford, but need to stay home for Santa now!
On Christmas Eve we went to Mass, came home and had dinner. After that we decided we better get crackin' and made a batch of really awesome sugar cookies for Santa. Christopher and Joey had a great time decorating their cookies with frosting and glitter. They hand-picked the cookies for Santa's plate. We got some carrots for the reindeer and also a bowl of cheerios for them. We made up a nice tray to put by the fireplace.
When we woke up on Christmas morning (7:30am, not half bad!), we saw the reindeer made a huge mess and the cookies were gone! The stockings were taken down, and moved to the living room near the Christmas tree. Lots and lots of presents in our stockings!
The boys seem to think Santa is a genius! They said he really paid attention to their lists and requests because they got everything they wanted, and even some stuff they didn't think of!
Christmas dinner was pretty nice too. Prime rib cooked to perfection with potatoes, and veg. Capped off with a Peppermint hot fudge sundaes.
What a great Christmas!

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