Monday, December 26, 2011


What an awesome day!!! Santa Claus was so good to everyone!! The looks on the boys faces said it all.
Joey was so excited to see a big huge Kawasaki Monster Wheels waiting under the tree for him, and with the temperatures so mild this year, he got a chance to test drive it outside! Christopher was equally pleased to see a Nintendo 3DS with loads of games waiting for him. Greg likes his new ipad and I'm learning the ins and outs of my new Mac. Joey loves the photobooth feature and can't get enough of taking self portraits!!
It was getting late, and Joe and I were getting a *bit* crazy with the Photobooth effects.
We definitely missed seeing family, though. But, we are looking forward to visiting with Sue and Bob and Chris and Lisa and their families over New Years!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa please come to our house!!

The kids are excited for sure!!! It just seems to get better and better every year!
In years past, we didn't take the kids to see Santa, because they were frightened to death of him. We had a feeling they were over it when they started jumping up and down with joy when Greg mentioned it at dinner! So, we headed over to Eastview, and waited in line (wasn't too long at all).
Here they are buttering up the man in red. Hoping he remembers everything they tell him, in itemized order.
December 25 will be a fun day for sure!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Christopher and Karate.

Hi there! Yep, Christopher is pretty much loving karate. He got into it when his friend from school, Cora, had her birthday party at Faust's USA Karate over the summer....I remember that day very well. Greg took Chris to the party, and I stayed back with Joe. Greg came home from it and said Chris really took to it, and the focus on discipline, respect, and focus was amazing. Just what an active growing boy needs.
So, we signed him up and he goes twice a week. He loves it. Joe is right behind him. When he turns 4, we'll be looking to sign him up too!!!
Ms. George putting the Orange Stripe on Christopher's Yellow belt. This means he will advance to orange soon!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back to Blogging!!!

"Wow! I had no idea that you had a blog!" ...Jenny Cisney, Kodak Chief Blogger, September 2011

Alrighty then!

Yes, I've taken a bit of sabbatical with regard to my personal family blog. What better motivation to get cracking than having the CHIEF BLOGGER at Kodak (and friend) not even realize you ever had a blog.

There are days when I'm out on one of my fitness walks, and I think, "my two boys may never forgive me for not carrying on with my blog- I better get back to it"---because it's for them that I do this. Not really for me. I like blogs and blogging. I love Twitter as we all know. But really it shouldn't surprise me that the fact I have a blog is not exactly public knowledge. I don't say much about it "out there".

This blog had meaning when I first began my blogging journey. The purpose for this was to document and archive my children's lives and important milestones in a fun, fresh, evergreen way that was true to my love for techie things. I am not really a traditional scrapbooker. I did an embarassingly horrific job on Christopher's "Baby Book" and even worse for Joe (there isn't one).

Creating a blog was more my speed. I like tech, I love blogs! Currently my daily check-in's are tech blogs, fashion blogs, and of course food blogs.

Anyway, there will be more to come for sure!! Thanks Jenny!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Goodbye, 16 Cathy Road

This has been a very tough year for all of us. Mom died on February 28. The two weeks leading up to her passing were a whirlwind of emotions and tough decisions. My siblings and I all hung together and tried to do our best for our Mom. We carried out her wishes until the very end. We knew what was important to her, and what wasn't. We made sure that she knew she could trust us to make the right call on her behalf, no matter how big or small the decision.

That's all over now. It's hard to believe it will be almost 2 months since she's been gone. To say I miss her incredibly so is the understatement of the century. You never realize just how much you depend on your Mom, and how much you look to her for guidance on everyday life, until she's gone.
I never took her for granted. I knew how precious our time together was. She had first been diagnosed with cancer when I was expecting Christopher in 2005. We got a few good years and then boom, it came back. She fought so hard. She was so incredibly strong, so incredibly brave. I've never seen anyone so brave in my entire life. The suffering she endured throughout all of her chemo treatments. The side effects of the chemo, and all that goes with it. Trying every chemotherapy drug that was made available to her, no matter what side effects they brought. She did it. She did it because she wanted to live. She wanted to live as much of her life as she could and be with her children and their families. We all meant so much to her and she made sure we knew it.

Time has elapsed and it's time to say goodbye to the house we grew up in. This weekend, we did just that. Mom's house has been cleaned top-to-bottom thanks to the heroic efforts of my family members. My sister, my brothers, and all of their families pitching in however they could, to help. I spent the day on Saturday working my way through boxes of items that she had, and going through it all.

Soon, this house we grew up in, this house we loved, this house where every single happy memory you can ever imagine happened-will be for sale.

I hope that whoever buys this house, and decides to make it their home, will have as much joy and will feel as much love as we all did growing up on 16 Cathy Road.

Mom's 75th Birthday Celebration at Chris and Lisa's house. She looked great!

With the boys at her house, Christmas 2010

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Playoffs. UGH

This blog is supposed to be dedicated to my two sweet little boys and the daily moments in their lives. Not general whatever stuff. Well, this blog post is dedicated to the crappy Monday after the Patriots BLEW IT in the AFC Divisional Playoffs last night. Looks like there is NO SUPERBOWL in sight for us Pats fans this year!!!!

But, in keeping with the overall theme of my blog, here is a cute shot of Christopher right after Crumpler scored his touchdown!

Now if only we had scored several more of these!!!! Oh well, there's always next year!

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