Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back to Blogging!!!

"Wow! I had no idea that you had a blog!" ...Jenny Cisney, Kodak Chief Blogger, September 2011

Alrighty then!

Yes, I've taken a bit of sabbatical with regard to my personal family blog. What better motivation to get cracking than having the CHIEF BLOGGER at Kodak (and friend) not even realize you ever had a blog.

There are days when I'm out on one of my fitness walks, and I think, "my two boys may never forgive me for not carrying on with my blog- I better get back to it"---because it's for them that I do this. Not really for me. I like blogs and blogging. I love Twitter as we all know. But really it shouldn't surprise me that the fact I have a blog is not exactly public knowledge. I don't say much about it "out there".

This blog had meaning when I first began my blogging journey. The purpose for this was to document and archive my children's lives and important milestones in a fun, fresh, evergreen way that was true to my love for techie things. I am not really a traditional scrapbooker. I did an embarassingly horrific job on Christopher's "Baby Book" and even worse for Joe (there isn't one).

Creating a blog was more my speed. I like tech, I love blogs! Currently my daily check-in's are tech blogs, fashion blogs, and of course food blogs.

Anyway, there will be more to come for sure!! Thanks Jenny!

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