Friday, January 20, 2012

January and the never ending Birthday Party

Wow, what a busy month, and it's not even over yet!! The lucky 6 year old had THREE, yes THREE birthday parties this year. I keep reminding him that it's pretty rare that a kid get three parties. He needs to count his blessings!

In our usual tradition, we celebrated first with family in Massachusetts. We have done this every year since Christopher was born, and I hope we do for a long time to come. I love my family so much, and this being our first year without our Mom makes our visits even more special.

So that was party number one. Party number two was on Christopher's actual birthday, and we had our lovely neighbors over for a Darth Vader party. I made his cake and it was awesome.

Party number three was at Christopher's karate school, Fausts's USA Karate. The black belts handled everything. I got to sit back and enjoy the party!!!

Here are some pics from all three birthdays!

Christopher with Sensei Jason.

Birthday party at our house, with our lovely neighbors to help celebrate!

Party with family members in Mass.

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