Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. The weather was really summery and hot, so perfect for getting the kiddie pool set up on the deck for the boys. I think they lived in it on Monday, with the high temps near 90 degrees.
Our yearly tradition of watching the parade in Pittsford Village stood this year, and we really enjoyed it. After the parade, we walked to the relatively new and amazingly awesome Village Bakery because I've been dying to try the place. It was AWESOME!! Greg got the " Rooster" cold-drip iced coffee, and I got a cappucino. We tried a sampling of the different pastries on the menu: scones, neopolitan, blueberry muffin, and an eclair. All were amazing.

We will be going back often for baked goods, breads, pastries, and coffee. I am so happy to see places like this and Yotality opening up in the Village. We need more good places! The Pittsford Farms Dairy has reopened with a brand new building, so that's on our list to check out soon too!

Here are some pics from the weekend.

Christopher and Joe mesmerized by the parade!

Lots of flowers planted in window boxes and urns

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