Friday, June 29, 2012

Tribute to Mom and Dad

I was preparing for the Father's Day Tweet chat that we were hosting at Kodak, and with the subject being "Dad" and "Photos", I had a look back at all of the scanned Kodachromes from the early days.

I am so grateful that my brother Chris took the time to scan all of the slides and photos and make DVD's for each of us back in 2007. Without these images, I wouldn't have any digital media of my Dad to share anywhere.

What I found most interesting as I looked through? Most preceded my time, and yet they brought back family memories of trips to the White Mountains and the beach. I miss my parents so much.

What's most amusing? My Dad really wasn't a great photographer at all!!! Everyone else in the family has known this, but I have always been in great denial of this fact, because I never looked at the composition of the photos, or the quality of the shot. I just looked at the content for what it was. He took pictures, and he LOVED to take pictures. Just wasn't all that great with composition and settings. Without his pictures, we wouldn't have any photos from our childhood.

As I was perusing the folders and files, I stumbled upon this. The "iconic" image of my Mom, taken by my Dad, in Bermuda. This picture is iconic to all of us in the Condo family because it's been in a frame on Dad's dresser since the day he got it developed after their honeymoon! Later, it moved to Mom's dresser when Dad passed on. I cry when I look at it. But, I also think about how my parents had a wonderful marriage and friendship. They were what true love means to me. Always together, never apart, physically or in thought.

The picture of Dad is pretty classic too. He was a handsome devil. Beautiful smile and sparkly blue eyes. Dad was always, always smiling. By the time I was born, his dark hair had turned a pristine white. He was extroverted, fun, nice, and loved to laugh. I think about my Dad (and my Mom) every single day. Doesn't matter that's it been years since Dad has passed. He comes to mind several times a day, every day. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I began "playing around" with the formatting and the templates late one evening, and ended up taking a vastly wrong turn, and what you see now is somewhere in the middle of where I want this to be with regard to look and feel.

Will be spending some quality time with my blog next week, as I am off for the Fourth of July vacation with my two boys.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Big Joe's Big Bash at the Jump Club

Before I became a parent, I can recall making BOLD statements about all of the things I would NEVER EVER do if I EVER became a parent. Holding elaborate birthday parties for seemingly ordinary birthdays (you know, the ones that are not 1st, 16th, or 20th, or any other milestone) was one of many things I vowed never to succumb to if I ever became a parent.
Well my how things change once you are in that situation!

Joey turned 4 years old on June 7. We had a small party for him at home, with just us and that was nice! BUT, as these kids are going to school with all of their friends, it seems big parties at fun places are becoming the norm.

This was the first year that we attended other kids' parties. So, we had a fun party for Joe at the JumpClub, (where I'm the Mayor and the Pizza blows).
Here are some great pictures of Joey having a ton of fun with all of this friends! 

Arcade tickets were a HUGE hit with both boys!!! 

Learning to juggle!

I think this is my favorite picture. Joey in the middle of the parachute, and Chris holding up the sides with other friends.

SPIDERMAN Cake! Joe, Chris, and their friend Jack ready to blow out the candles!!


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