Sunday, June 17, 2012

Big Joe's Big Bash at the Jump Club

Before I became a parent, I can recall making BOLD statements about all of the things I would NEVER EVER do if I EVER became a parent. Holding elaborate birthday parties for seemingly ordinary birthdays (you know, the ones that are not 1st, 16th, or 20th, or any other milestone) was one of many things I vowed never to succumb to if I ever became a parent.
Well my how things change once you are in that situation!

Joey turned 4 years old on June 7. We had a small party for him at home, with just us and that was nice! BUT, as these kids are going to school with all of their friends, it seems big parties at fun places are becoming the norm.

This was the first year that we attended other kids' parties. So, we had a fun party for Joe at the JumpClub, (where I'm the Mayor and the Pizza blows).
Here are some great pictures of Joey having a ton of fun with all of this friends! 

Arcade tickets were a HUGE hit with both boys!!! 

Learning to juggle!

I think this is my favorite picture. Joey in the middle of the parachute, and Chris holding up the sides with other friends.

SPIDERMAN Cake! Joe, Chris, and their friend Jack ready to blow out the candles!!

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