Monday, July 9, 2012

Joe Learns to Ride

I should really say Joe taught himself to ride, because that's what happened. One morning before school, Joe had gone into the garage, got the "Diego" bike, and began to ride all on his own! When Greg walked out and saw this, he was thrilled, and said "Hey!! Joey! Great job riding your bike!", and Joe, in true form, looked at Greg and said "Dad, all you do is put your feet on these things and move them up and down!" Like, no big deal! We decided that we'd see how well Joe can do on a short bike ride around the block. This way, he can get some practice and maybe will be ready to ride to the playground soon! Here are some cute pictures of Joe and Chris as we took a whirl around the block last night. He did well, but got tired during the last stretch. As we turned to go up the final hill toward our house, he decided he needed to get off the bike and walk it the rest of the way. We are so proud of big Joe!

Walking his bike up the last big hill

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