Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Christopher achieves his Blue belt in Karate

Christopher has been actively progressing along with his Karate training, and we really could not be more proud of his accomplishments!

Having joined Faust's USA Karate a year ago, he has moved up the ranks and is now a Blue belt. I really love what Karate, and Faust's institution has done for him, and for us all. He has found something that he really seems to love, and enjoys progressing in. He practices at home, and we see his moves getting stronger and more crisp with every belt he achieves. He has learned how to focus better, and understands (and is actively working on) his role as a mentor for the lower belt kids in his class.

Greg and I get a lot of pleasure out of going to Christopher's lessons, and love watching the senior trainers work with the kids. Joey typically goes to the lessons too (as a spectator), but I believe he will soon be ready to begin training too. He has shown interest, and already knows the Little Champions pledge!

Preparing to become a Blue belt!

Every Promotion Ceremony includes a demonstration by the students on the areas they've been learning.
After the demonstrations, each individual student is awarded a stripe or a new belt, and it is always tied on by one of the Black Belts from the Dojo

 Chris is also loving the camps and extra classes that he's been attending at Faust's. I like it too, because it's a really well-thought out and focused day, and also very fitness-oriented. He has a lot of energy to burn off, and being in a Karate camp for the day with Black Belt trainers is really a privilege for him, and most of all, a ton of fun.

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