Saturday, September 1, 2012

Essie Klout

Gotta say, having a Klout profile, and a little bit of "influence" (meaning I tweet about nail polish, a lot!) in the topics of beauty and style has definitely worked to my advantage this year! I use the term influence loosely, because you can influence your influence pretty easily, so one never really knows how authentically a profile reflects true influence.

I have been a bit skeptical about Klout since it first emerged as a site that measures and rates a persons' influence in certain topics. While none of us (myself and friends who are also in the Social Media biz) really understand the algorithm behind how Klout is calculated, it certainly has led to some pretty good perks! Perks are items that are awarded to you by Brands that are using Klout as a means of WOM and social marketing.

This year, I've wracked up the Klout in Essie Nail Polish. I have been a HUGE fan of Essie for many years, and am thrilled that they are so active with Klout, and give away perks to influencers. I've received a full-sized bottle of their nail polish from the Summer Collection, Luxe Effects, and Mirror Metallics collections. I get to try all the latest looks, at no cost to me. Pretty cool.
Essie Klout from L to R: Mirror Metallics, Summer 2012, and LuxeEffects

Other Klout I have received since joining includes RoC anti-stress and anti-aging cream, RedBulletin Magazine from Red Bull, a super-sized club package filled with Trident Layers gum, and some exclusive samples of iced green tea from Lipton. I have a free Shutterfly photo book waiting for me, and I recently claimed a perk for Refreshers from Starbucks. Can't wait for those to arrive! 

Top-shelf brands are using Klout to extend their reach with consumers, and to use the WOM of influencers to carry great sentiment about products. Not a bad approach, and I was not even asked to tweet, post, or write a review from any of them. No strings attached. Just enjoy the products!


  1. Hi Mary-Irene!

    It's nice to see another iger on the blogosphere. You have a beautiful family. :) And I checked out Klout out of curiosity since I've never heard of it. Yay for another thing to obsess about.



  2. LOL! Yes it is one more thing to obsess about that's for sure! But it's fun to have Klout, and you can give your friends "+K" for topics you think they have Klout in, and watch your score go up.

    Thanks for your kind words!

    Speaking of IG, how do you embed your IG's into your posts so that when you click on the image, it takes you right to the original in IG? I love that, but have not figured out how with the simple blogger interface. Did you have to hack into the HTML?



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