Sunday, October 28, 2012

#Halloween 2012

Needless to say, this Halloween will likely go down as the most un-Halloween ever.

That's not to say we didn't do a whole lot in getting ready for it, it's just that it's happening right smack in the middle of our move to New Jersey. And a massively huge hurricane/N'oreaster/Blizzard they've dubbed "Frankenstorm".

Back in September, I received a great offer from Toys R Us in Wayne, NJ to be their Social Media Manager. It was an incredible opportunity to not only learn a ton about an entirely new industry, but also to bring some of my social media expertise that I had gained at Kodak to my new job. With so much uncertainty at Kodak, I felt it was the right time to say goodbye. It wasn't easy to do so. Kodak was like a good friend to me. Kodak had been by my side during the most important moments in my life. My marriage, the birth of my children, the death of my parents. I had made so many lasting friendships there. I am very, very fortunate! Thanks to the power and presence of social media, saying goodbye to friends, who had become more like family, wasn't as emotionally devastating as it could have been.

In any event. Here we are. Well, here I am. In New Jersey. Waiting in my final week of waiting for my family to come and join me here. We are very lucky in that we've only spend three weeks apart (excluding weekends as I've been going back to ROC on Fridays). But, these have been three of the most stressful weeks of our lives. I began my new job, and it's incredibly busy as we look to the key seasonal for toy purchasing. Lots to do there. And then of course we are in the midst of selling our home, and moving to NJ. We've sold the house, found a place to rent, and have a short amount of time to get the house packed up for the moving trucks to come later this week.

That said, we still made a point to do some of the things we loved to do over the years, as well as a few new things to celebrate Halloween. Every year since the kids were born, we've gone to Powers Market in Pittsford to see the jack-o-lanterns, pick pumpkins, pet the animals, and go on the Haunted Hayride. This year was the first year we went on the hayride at night. It was a lot spookier, that's for sure. The kids really enjoyed that.

Greg and the boys on the hayride at Powers Market

Just one of many Jack-o-Lanterns in Power's teepees.
We also made it to the costume party at Faust's USA Karate. We were wondering how Joey would do there given we were just dropping them off at the party so that we could run errands. Turns out, he loved it! He likes hanging with the big kids! 

Kids at the Karate Costume Party. Joey had to take his costume off-too hot!

SpiderMan vs. The Great White Shark
Lastly, since this weekend was really our final weekend in Rochester, we took a break from all of the moving and packing to carve our pumpkin. We also made a point to see neighbors and to say goodbye.
Kids with their pumpkin (please excuse the messy kitchen!)
All of these changes are tough. Doing a few normal things and keeping a sense of tradition this Halloween really helped us keep some balance in life.


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