Sunday, January 27, 2013

Valentine Sun Catchers

 After seeing these on Jenny's blog a few years ago, I thought "ooh I have to make those!" But of course I never got around to it, but did keep it locked in the back of my mind as "save for later". I began seeing them all over the place on Pinterest and now with the boys at a fun age where they enjoy doing these projects, I figured we should give it a try. I decided I would use Martha Stewart's step-by-step instructions and give this a shot. All you need are crayons, a crayon sharpener (we didn't have one, so Greg had to shave off pieces with a sharp knife), wax paper, an iron, and some string (ribbons would be pretty too). Just choose the colors you want for your sun catcher, shave off wax from crayons, and melt the shavings between the wax paper. Cut them into heart shapes, string the thread through a punched hole, and hang them from the curtain rods.
After the savings were successfully melted, we used a cookie cutter as a stencil
My two awesome helpers
They turned out nice!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

C. Wonder; you are wonderful!

I have fallen in love with the store C. Wonder. I discovered it while perusing my favorite blogger's shopping and gifts roundups for holiday. If you are anything like me, and love color, punchy graphics, and really pretty things, you will find this shop perfect. I am impressed by how affordable it is given how on trend their goods are. This Christmas, I received many awesome things from C. Wonder.

First is this really pretty monogrammed dish. I keep it on my dresser for earrings, small lotions, or any other pretty things that look nice displayed in it. I may move it down stairs to my antique desk that sits in our foyer. It would make for a really pretty welcoming and will also dress up the desk.

Monogrammed plate from C Wonder

Since I am also completely obsessed with chevron patterns (as evidenced by my chosen blog background), Greg knew these little chevron journals would be perfect for me. They are small enough to go in your purse everyday for lists or notes. I keep them at my desk at work, because they look so nice and really dress up my office area.
I also got this really pretty crystal necklace. It will look great with layered outfits. I am just learning the art of layering clothing, and I love the look of a bold necklace with layers. I'm not so great at this,
but my good friend Gretchen shows off many ways to layer statement necklaces with outfits in her blog.

After falling in love with everything I received for Christmas, I went back and purchased a couple of things myself. This latte cup is awesome. It comes in many different patterns and colors. I am very fond of the shades of blue that were featured in this one, so I got it. I love it!!

I also bought a pair of hot pink tech-touch gloves, but they are too large. I will likely return them.
I am looking forward to checking out the retail store that is in the mall close to our home. I've only ordered online, but will welcome the opportunity to try things on and get a sense for fit of the clothing.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The joy of rediscovering forgotten photos

Back when I worked for Kodak, I was always fortunate to have access to many a digital camera, and numerous SD cards. When we moved in the fall, I found that we had tons of cards lying in different areas of the house. I resolved to collect them all, and make the time to review all the pictures that were there. Many of the pictures we already had in our Gallery account. Many were already posted to Facebook. But then there were many beauties that were just sitting there, never shared with anyone! I've been using my Flickr more and more lately. I think it's a better site, better for tagging and searching and I am enjoying viewing friends' photos and perusing groups. I've been uploading many of these forgotten pics to Flickr so that we can enjoy them forever!
Here are a few of the adorable pictures of the boys that I found from several years ago.
Joe, 2 yrs old

Chris, 18 months old

enjoying a Hoodsie cup!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Just a skosh behind on the blogging, but what a great Christmas we all had!  First year in the new house and first year in New Jersey. We found the perfect spot for the Christmas tree in our family room right next to the fire place.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, just waiting for Santa and his reindeer. Well, they all showed up, made a huge mess of the cheerios and carrots that the boys left for them, and Santa polished off the cookies!
Not a creature was stirring
They loved all of their presents from Santa!

I love my new Christmas tableware from Crate and Barrel!


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