Sunday, January 13, 2013

The joy of rediscovering forgotten photos

Back when I worked for Kodak, I was always fortunate to have access to many a digital camera, and numerous SD cards. When we moved in the fall, I found that we had tons of cards lying in different areas of the house. I resolved to collect them all, and make the time to review all the pictures that were there. Many of the pictures we already had in our Gallery account. Many were already posted to Facebook. But then there were many beauties that were just sitting there, never shared with anyone! I've been using my Flickr more and more lately. I think it's a better site, better for tagging and searching and I am enjoying viewing friends' photos and perusing groups. I've been uploading many of these forgotten pics to Flickr so that we can enjoy them forever!
Here are a few of the adorable pictures of the boys that I found from several years ago.
Joe, 2 yrs old

Chris, 18 months old

enjoying a Hoodsie cup!

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