Friday, June 14, 2013

Joey turns 5 + Graduates Pre-K!

Hard to believe it. "Baby Joe", as we affectionately used to call him, is now 5 years old. FIVE. He just graduated from the Pre-K program at the YMCA. He is such a good boy. He gives us reason to laugh and smile every single day. Some of Joey's favorite things are playing board games, playing Uno, and doing puzzles. He absolutely LOVES to help when Greg and I are cooking in the kitchen. If you even *think* of baking or cooking something without him, look out because he will not be a happy camper. Along with helping in the kitchen, Joey enjoys doing other tasks around the house. He's awesome at folding laundry. He doesn't even need to be asked to come and help. He just does. He helps empty the dishwasher, and can set the table too.
He is a big fan of his iPad, and loves to play Sonic, Temple Run, and Minecraft with his brother. Here are some cute pics from his from his graduation ceremony. He was the Flag holder at Graduation, and he did such a great job! We love you and we are so proud, Joey!! xoxoxox

Excellent Flag Holder

With his very proud big brother

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