Monday, July 8, 2013

Canoeing in Michigan

One of the highlights of our trip to Michigan this year was our canoe trip in Baldwin. Since the day I met Greg, he has always talked about what great fun and good times he and his family had growing up and going canoeing. His Dad took them many times, and Greg would go on his own. Being out in nature on a peaceful, clean river is pretty relaxing. This year, given that so many of us were to be in Michigan over the 4th, Andrea organized a canoe excursion. We went through Baldwin Canoe Rental in Baldwin, MI and canoed the Pere Marquette. Having never done this before, I wasn't sure what to expect. Greg has always said it's gentle, easy, and peaceful and that he knew I'd enjoy it. I really was excited to go, and experience this. I was also excited for the kids, because I want them to be happy doing outdoor activities, and we love giving them new experiences too. This trip certainly did not disappoint. It was a beautiful, clear day. Nice and sunny but not too hot. The tour we chose was 3 hours, but it took us about 4 and a half as we were a pretty large group and we all wanted to stay together. Andrea and family chose to rent kayaks instead of canoes, and I think that's something I would like to try next. After our excursion on the river was over, the bus picked us up, and brought us back to the rental house. From there, we went to Jones' Ice Cream place- yet another Marek family tradition that I was happy to experience and become part of!

Greg pointing out a turtle seen en route

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Michigan 2013

We had been planning this trip to Michigan for ages, it seemed. This year, both Greg and I got new jobs. With new jobs comes less vacation time, which means careful planning for all time off. We normally go to Michigan twice a year, and were bummed that we didn't make it out there for Thanksgiving. But, we were thrilled to finally get some extra days off over the fourth of July, and to spend some time visiting family. The weather was perfect. It was hot, sunny, and not terribly humid. With the days seemingly going on forever until sundown at around 9:45pm every night, we all found ourselves staying outside until right before bed. The kids LOVED getting rides from Marta on the quad. We all enjoyed canoeing! Many impromptu volleyball and soccer games ensued and lots of great conversation made this a weekend to remember.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Review: Custom iPhone Case from Ink361

I was overjoyed when the marketing team at Ink361 sent me an iPhone case to review! Ink 361 is a premium web interface for viewing your Instagrams, and for helping you create custom products using your own photos.
I have been a fan of Ink361 for some time now, and have used their Tools to create my Twitter background, Facebook cover photos, and also for widgets on my blog showcasing my Instagram photos.

I decided to create a custom iPhone case for Greg for his birthday this year. The process to do this was very simple. You simply select iPhone case in the "Select a Product" section of the site, and from there, you choose which Instagram you would like to use for your phone.

The tool allows you to center the photo, or to bias it right or left depending on the area of the photo you want visible on the case.

The product arrived about a week after I placed my order, right in time to give to hubby for his birthday. The boys were pretty excited to see the case, and were very happy to give it as their gift to him.

The case, which is designed by Case Mate,  is really sleek, slim, and glossy. It's a beautiful presentation, and fits the phone like a glove. The added bonus is that it fit nicely into the holster that Greg was already using for his phone. One caveat I must mention is that if you tend to drop your phone frequently, be sure to take extra care, as this specific model of case is not shock absorbent.

The ultimate payoff- the case fits in pre-existing holder!

If you're interested in getting one of these for yourself, Ink361 is having a one day flash sale for the 4th of July, and you can order one for only $19.00 using code 4THPHONE.

Such a great deal for a product you will use every single day,  and can create to be yours and only yours.

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