Sunday, July 7, 2013

Michigan 2013

We had been planning this trip to Michigan for ages, it seemed. This year, both Greg and I got new jobs. With new jobs comes less vacation time, which means careful planning for all time off. We normally go to Michigan twice a year, and were bummed that we didn't make it out there for Thanksgiving. But, we were thrilled to finally get some extra days off over the fourth of July, and to spend some time visiting family. The weather was perfect. It was hot, sunny, and not terribly humid. With the days seemingly going on forever until sundown at around 9:45pm every night, we all found ourselves staying outside until right before bed. The kids LOVED getting rides from Marta on the quad. We all enjoyed canoeing! Many impromptu volleyball and soccer games ensued and lots of great conversation made this a weekend to remember.

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