Sunday, September 1, 2013

A place to call home

What a great year! Full of transitions for each of us. New jobs. New schools. New town in a new state. New everything!! After living with much uncertainty, we are elated to have closed in on the last (hopefully for a good long time) important decision and transition. After a lot of searching around New Jersey, we've decided to settle in Ramsey and purchase our first NJ home there!

While the home is already lovely, we are excited to put our personal touches on it and do a bit of remodeling inside. It's a much smaller home than we are used to (like A LOT smaller than the one we've been renting), so figuring out where to put what is going to be a challenge for sure. We are hoping to begin our projects soon as we are still renting and having the benefit of a place to stay while remodeling is done is key! I can't wait to post all of the before and after pictures on my blog!



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