Sunday, September 8, 2013

Home Redesign Update- Dining Room Progress

This is one of the few times where we've wanted to repaint our home, and have had luck with the first few samples we've brought home to try. There are so, so many great choices for paint color that it can be completely overwhelming! One of the benefits of house-hunting is that you get the opportunity to explore many homes where you can see how others decorate and the paints they choose. The lighter and brighter tones definitely appeal to us over the warmer, deeper tones. Our old home in Pittsford was mainly deep. I loved our deep red dining room with the white crown, but I think for our new home we will lighten everything up. Where the dining room is completely open to the living room, we think the lighter tones will make the rooms seem even larger.

Dining Room: Before and Progress Update- no more curtains and dark walls

We looked at many paint chips at our local Benjamin Moore paint shop in Wyckoff. The colors we were leaning toward were Revere Pewter, Gray Owl, Stonington Gray, Silver Half Dollar. Very subtle grays. Some with warm undertones, and some cool. We ultimately chose Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore.  It has a beautiful lightness to it, but it's nicely grounded with a warm undertone and the slightest touch of green. You need to be in the right lighting to see the green but in most conditions it's just gray. We think it will coordinate really well with our existing furniture, and will give everything a more modern, updated feel. We intend to refinish the floors to a deep shade of walnut, which will look much nicer than the honey oak stain that is currently on the floors. I love how the light walls play off of a dark finished floor. All of the crown moldings in the house are currently painted a creamy yellow-y ivory color. We will paint it all a bright white, which will look amazing against the grays. Once the walls are painted, we can then tackle the ceiling in the dining room...also a yellow/ivory tone. Needs to be bright and white.

I think the beautiful window needs nothing more than a fresh coat of white paint. It is designed so well, and has such great moldings and detail that covering it up with curtains is a crime! The room already is so much bigger and brighter without the curtains (even before painting). After the room is painted, we will replace and update the lighting. I have many ideas for chandeliers but I am strongly considering this one from Ballard Designs. I just don't know which size to get - petite or grande.

Coming along nicely!!

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