Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our CSA Program is winding down

When we moved to New Jersey, we were told by just about everyone in this area that Abma's Farm in Wyckoff is where it's at for pumpkins, Christmas trees, flowers, and food. We were really impressed by the place. Not only do they have loads of fresh veggies, they also have fresh eggs, and meats that are all produced right there on site. They have a great area for kids to walk through and visit with the chickens, goats, bunnies, and they even do pony rides. Abma's is literally right around the corner from us, and we love the idea of stopping in just to visit, because it's fun.

When we discovered they had a CSA program running this year, we got in on it. I have always loved the idea of investing in community supported agriculture, because local farms have so much to offer that the grocery store doesn't (freshness and variety, for example). Abma's program offered two tiers- a small (enough for 4 people) and a large (enough for 6 people) share. We chose the small share and paid $450 at the beginning for 18 weeks of fresh veggies. They start you out with a bin of veggies and then you return your bin to them on Friday, where they give you a new bin filled with that week's veggies (and recipes).

Every week, we get a variety of whatever is being harvested during that particular point in the farming schedule. Lettuces, corn, tomatoes, zucchini, fruit, beets, onions, carrots have all made rotating appearances in our bins. Lately, we've been getting a bouquet of cut flowers as well! I like the notion of not always knowing what you'll get in your basket, because it definitely leads to anticipation. The program is beginning to wind down now, with only 2 weeks remaining. I can't say for certain that we would do this again next year, but we may research to see if other local farms have a smaller share that we could order from. The bins always had too much for us to eat during the week. We don't know if it's because we have had such a busy summer of house-hunting and not always being able to make great veggies with dinner, or if it's just too much in general. Also,the next town over has a highly acclaimed Farmer's Market, so we will likely just go there and choose enough of what we want for the week and still feel great about supporting the local businesses.

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