Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

I've been writing a Halloween post since the kids were born and feel very far behind on this year's post! (3 days?)

This is the first year that the kids have NOT gone as something cute like a superhero. Now they want to be as scary and frightening as possible. Though trick-or-treat was a somewhat different experience here in NJ, we did find some doors to go to and every single person who answered the door gave the boys exactly what they had hoped for: an "OMG you scared me!!" reaction along with a pretty decent handful of candy.

Here are this years jack-o-lanterns. Joey wanted his pumpkin carved into a bunny because we have been referring to him as our Baby Rabbit for so many years. Chris chose the Chicago Bulls mascot. Why? No one knows other than his recent obsession with bball. But why Chicago??

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