Thursday, November 21, 2013

November. All the leaves are brown....

As I mentioned in an earlier post, and as evidenced by my non-stop instagramming, this fall has got to be one of the best that I can remember. I think it's a combination of many factors that are causing me to pause throughout my busy day, and slow down just a bit, so that I can soak it all in.
I found, that during the leaves' peak for color and abundance, I was driving just a bit slower than normal on the back roads around my northern New Jersey town so that I could peer out my windows and absorb all the beauty. My morning drive is saturated with beauty ( I am a seriously lucky gal), and as I made my way through many towns with gorgeous autumn scenery, I would actually welcome a prolonged stop at a light, or waiting behind a few cars making a left-hand turn. Those unexpected delays gave me the opportunity to really take in the landscape and enjoy it.
It occurred to me as I drove into my work campus on Monday that the leaves have gone from bursting with red, orange, bronze and yellow to being sort of brown. They've curled up and have begun to fall. I remembered thinking to myself "I'm glad that I took the time to take it in, because it won't be long before the snow comes".
But, yesterday, as I was trotting down to our cafe for some coffee, I looked out of our vast wall of windows, and saw the beautiful Ramapo Mountains, the lake, and trees. Though not at peak color any longer, the sight was equally beautiful. I couldn't resist getting a couple of shots. It too is worth remembering.

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