Monday, March 31, 2014

Ode to the Desktop Wallpaper

I'm still kind of old-school when it comes to desktop wallpapers. I remember when I first discovered wallpapers and how I loved personalizing my background (and my browser with downloadable personas).

I love seeing pretty pictures peeking out behind the various documents and projects I'm working on throughout the day. While sometimes it's great to have my own pictures on my background, I think it's really fun to switch out to something different every once in awhile.

Given my work laptop is a PC, I find this Hello Zebra desktop that was designed by Kelly at Fabulous K Style to be the perfect pop of hot pink for an otherwise drab piece of hardware. She had some cute designs for Halloween, and another beauty for Christmas. Kelly is incredible, and her blog is one of the first blogs I ever began following. She still brings us loads of beautiful inspiration with every post! 

My friend Jenny has been known to design some great desktops too. I fondly remember the Easter Chicks background she designed (2009 maybe?). I couldn't find the Easter Chicks on her blog, but I did find these beauties which are perfect for spring and were shot using one of my favorite Kodak cameras. She also designed this very awesome wallpaper for Earth Day. (coming up on April 22!) Another of my favorites and looks pretty cool on the iPhone. I still have my Keep Calm and Shoot Tri-X Wallpaper on my Mac Air at home.

Another great source for wallpapers is Smashing Magazine. Smashing Magazine began the tradition of crowdsourcing an array of different monthly designs for your background in 2008 and still offers fresh new designs for inspiration. And, here are the April 2014 Desktop Wallpapers! 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Irish Soda Bread

Today we decided to try our hand at making Irish Soda Bread at home. The weird thing about Irish Soda Bread: it's pretty much made of very simple ingredients. The technique isn't that hard. Yet, not all of them will turn out. It's like you need the special touch. The secret ingredient. The something-something that makes it taste awesome. Without that, it's pretty much just a big huge lump of "OK".
We used Ina Garten's recipe today. Flour, buttermilk, currants, orange zest, and of course baking soda. No caraway (because we don't really care for the breads that have it). The dough was VERY easy to work with. Like a dream. It took about an hour at 400F. The end result was a crusty outside, with a moist inside. Kids loved it! Pretty tasty, but was lacking that special something...Till next time...


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