Monday, April 28, 2014

Next Generation: #CourtneysShower

I made a surprise trip to the Boston area this weekend for my niece Courtney's baby shower. I can't believe I am going to be a Great Aunt!! It is just so exciting to think that a new generation of kids are being born into the Condo family. We couldn't be happier for Courtney and Pete. They are a wonderful young couple, and will make amazing parents. My only wish is that my Mom were here to welcome the new baby into the family, but I know that she and my Dad are proud and happy looking down from heaven.

My niece Ally did a great job coordinating the entire baby shower, including the awesome mason jar theme, and she made for a fabulous party host! We all felt welcomed, and she really pulled everything off without a hitch! My other fab niece Kristen made a pretty awesome fruit salad as well as the FAVORS bunting that was placed on the hutch where the pin cushion sewing kit party favors were displayed. These gals are seriously crafty and talented! I enjoyed this so much!

Sewing Kits in Mason Jars for party favors

Awesome banner by Treats and Travels
Pretty darn funny fruit salad by Treats and Travels

Delicious powdery cookies made by my beautiful sister

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Opening Day for Baseball!

Christopher is playing baseball for the first time this year. His good friend Jason from school loves baseball, and his Dad is a coach. Chris got drafted to their team, and he couldn't be happier. Opening Day was April 19th, and our town held a huge celebration. All teams and their families walked in the parade from the center of town, over to the baseball park. Later that day was their first game. Chris was pretty nervous, but did really well considering he's never played before and many other kids had played a few seasons. We were so happy for him when he got a base hit on his last turn at bat, and scored one for the team!! His Coach has a heart of gold, and loves working with kids. I am excited to see Chris progress and really get into this sport!

Happy Easter

Well, another Easter has come and gone! This year, the Easter Bunny brought sports-themed Easter baskets for these guys. Baseball cards, Beanie Ballz, mini figures, and all kinds of yummy chocolates from Chocolates With Love were in their baskets. As well as Spider Man toothbrushes!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Vintage Easter Designs

I was doing some pinning at work for my Toys "R"Us Pinterest boards earlier this week and came across a few pins with adorable vintage Easter designs. They instantly reminded me of when I was a little girl, looking at old decorations and cards that my Mom had kept from her childhood and put around the house. I have a couple that resemble the bunny in the last image that I still use in my own home.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Jars and Cupcakes

I found these really cute bunny cupcake picks and wrappers on one of my morning stops into The Market Basket. This has to be one of my favorite places in New Jersey and I think I stop there maybe twice a week on my way to work. It's a grocery store and a specialty shop all in one. But it's small. It kind of reminds me of a combination of the best of Pittsford Wegmans and Parkleigh - two of my fave places in Rochester. The only negative I would say about this place is that you don't want to go on Sunday- EVERYONE goes on Sunday! Christopher will be making his First Communion in May, and we are having Market Basket cater his luncheon based on recommendations from a lot of locals.
I used the Bunny cupcake kits for Serena's birthday on Friday. I broke out my cake decorating tips for these cupcakes! Got a lot of "oohs and ahhhs"- I love how cute designs can make ordinary cupcakes seem extra special.

I also decided to try out glass etching. After seeing the many lovely mason jar gifts that my friend Jenny has made, I was inspired to finally try it. I had wanted to do it for Valentine's Day, but never found the time. So I told myself that while we are out on Spring Break, I would do something! I bought a Martha Stewart Glass Etching Kit at Michael's as well as jars and was surprised by how easy it was. I thought that my etchings turned out kind of faint, so next time I will load up the stuff a bit more over the stencils. I bought some paper tags, and a cute bunny stamp, and put them on everyone's jar. Then I filled the jars with Eggs and a chocolate bunny- pretty much a big hit!

All you need is adhesive stencils, tape and etching cream. Very easy - not messy either.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Blue + White

I've always been a huge fan of blue and white. I have a lot of heirloom china pieces from my mom, her mom, Greg's mom, my Aunt, and the list goes on. I am excited to see that this classic combination has made a revival in home decor this year.
The Pink Pagoda (one of my most favorite blogs and Etsy shops) is hosting a Blue and White Bash, and I cannot resist joining in for the love of blue and white!
This photo is full of things that have deep sentimental value, and meaning to me. The small blue and white paining is by my brother, acclaimed artist George Condo, and had always been in my parent's home. I am so honored to be the proud owner of it. The Murano Glass vase was also my Mother's. It was given to her from my Dad's mother and I have fond memories of beautiful flowers gracing our dining room table in that vase. Lastly, these pieces are resting on a Hitchcock desk that my Dad purchased for my Mom for her birthday many, many years ago. Three of my most favorite things all in one shot, to share with you.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fairy Garden Workshop

This is the second Greenhouse workshop that I have attended at Abma's Farm Market. I really love this place! The lovely Catherine who runs these workshops is really funny, and always lends great advice for gardening! Today's workshop was their infamous "Fairy Garden" class. One of the girls at my table told me that today marked her FIFTH of the Fairy Garden Workshops, and that she tries to make them all if possible. So, we get there, and we are told to pick out a container. Abma's has some pretty excellent ones to choose from, but I stuck with a basic model. You could also bring one of your own if you wanted to. Once we had a container, we could peruse the vast array of "Fairy Things".... let me tell you there were shelves and shelves of gnomes, fairies, mushrooms, animals, bird houses,  fairy houses, flowers, benches, and all sorts of fantasy. I decided to stick with small little animals for my container garden.

If I decide to attend another one of these, I may move on to the "advanced" fairy-ness for my garden. After we had our miniature animals and figures, we picked out our plants. I chose tete-a-tete's and small purple and yellow pansies. Once we planted, the ladies gave us gravel for the top, and then we could place our figurines inside the pots. Mine came out really cute, but next time, I'm bringing Joey. He loves projects and would have really enjoyed this. I'm still kicking myself for not bringing him!

My finished garden. Joey re-arranged all of the animals later!
Old copper fire-pit that one woman brought for her garden!
After the workshop, I made my way up to the market, and brought home a good amount of organic fruits and veggies, as well as their delicious made-on-site donuts for Greg and the boys.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Standing Desk

This week I decided to join the trend of standing at my desk part of the day at work. Article after article has been written about sitting all day and the negative impact it has on our health. I think most corporate people will agree that it just *feels* unhealthy to be sitting all day at the computer. I don't have a fancy set-up or any special equipment for my standing desk. I just use the filing cabinet that was already in my office. It's a skosh bit too high by most ergonomic standards, but I haven't had any issues yet. My cube-mate is also standing at her desk. I find that I feel much better because I'm on my feet for over half of the day. I usually stand at my desk in the morning when I get in, then have some sitting time (whether meetings or just at my desk), and then stand again in the mid-afternoon until it's time to pack up and go home. My afternoons feel a lot more productive and I feel healthier!


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