Thursday, May 29, 2014

Art at School

I have to say, I am really thrilled with the school that Chris and Joe attend, and the emphasis that is placed on learning about all forms of art. I think it's equally important to have creative thinking developed as well as the quantitative and analytical side of the brain. Joey really loves to do crafty projects. His teachers are really skilled and artistic, and he's bringing something awesome home from school almost daily. Chris is learning about fine art and the masters of art in history. They are learning to paint like Monet and Renoir, and in doing so they are developing an inherent appreciation for it. I'm thinking a trip to the Met is on deck for our family really soon. This way, they can see the works of the artists they are learning about in school, and also check out a painting or two by their Uncle George while we're there.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


We've had a rainy, cold Spring. With lots of rain comes lush, beautiful green everything, everywhere. I am really enjoying living back in this part of the Northeast. The weather, the scenery, the hilly narrow roads, the dense population of trees and greens... everything in this area of Northern New Jersey reminds me of my home and growing up in New England, and that makes me very happy.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Christopher's First Communion

On Sunday, my beautiful Christopher received his First Communion at St. Elizabeth's in Wyckoff.


He had been studying and preparing all year for this big event, and we really couldn't be happier for him. We were also overjoyed that so many of our family members could come for this occasion. It made his day that much more special!

IMG_1676 IMG_1679 IMG_1681

Photography courtesy of my lovely niece Kristen of Treats and Travels.

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