Monday, June 30, 2014

Greg's B-Day and Union Sq. Greenmarket

Greg and Joey have June birthdays, whereas Chris and I have winter birthdays. With the weather always so nice when Greg's comes around, there's a lot of options for what to do to celebrate. We almost went to the beach, but instead opted for something closer.
We really enjoy the Union Square Greenmarket, so we decided to head there again. Honestly, we could have stayed there all day. It was pretty hot out on Saturday, but the amazing amounts of locally grown produce, flowers, breads, cheeses, and other goods was really something to see. I really wanted to get more pictures, but, the place is always crowded and I know it can be annoying to have someone standing there with a camera shooting pics while you're trying to select a few heirloom tomatoes for dinner (billions of food bloggers flock this place). We bought a few things to take home and enjoy, and spent the rest of the day shopping around that area and grabbing a couple of slices of pizza. We were home by 5 or so, had dinner and then headed out to Ridgewood (one of my favorite towns nearby- 20 mins to drive to OR only 3 stops on the train from downtown Ramsey to downtown Ridgewood) to get Greg's b-day cheesecake at Carlo's Bake Shop. While we were there, we of course had to taste one of Cake Boss' legendary Lobster Tails. The kids really loved it too. All Chris kept saying was THIS PLACE SMELLS LIKE FROSTING!!!!!!!!!!!! The cake was enjoyed on Greg's birthday, and tasted as delightful as it looked!

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