Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Birthday Gift for a Mason Jar Lover

My colleague Dan is full of energy and positive spirit, and I am happy he has joined me on the social team at work. He is also a huge lover of Mason jars of all kinds. He brings his water in an Atlas glass with a Cuppow fitting and he brings his am juice in a small jar every morning. Since he loves jars so much, I thought I'd make him a personalized one for his birthday. Like my Easter project, I used a small Kerr jar and my Martha Stewart Glass Etching Kit. I was disappointed with how faint the etchings were for my last project, so I consulted my good friend Jenny, and she gave me some council for getting better results! This time, per her direction, I really slopped on the goop, and let it sit longer than the instructions said to. I also created a hand-made tag with "hbd" stamped on it. Hope he likes it! :-)

I played around with my rubber stamps until I got a design I liked
I ended up with "hbd" flanked by two smiley faces.


  1. I have learned that some glass does not etch as well as others. Glass chimneys for candles would not etch at all because they are heat tempered. Glad to see the Kerr jar did well.

  2. Nice DIY



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