Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Customize your Instagram feed with Circles using INK 361

There are upwards of 200 million monthly users on Instagram, and 60 million uploads a day, according to the latest stats on the Instagram blog. It's safe to say that IG is rising to the top in terms of platform usage. The number of accounts we are all following are increasing every single day, and it's very easy to miss a post because it's almost impossible to keep up.
With all of this growth, and as I personally find new and inspiring accounts to follow each day, I have often wished for an easy way to sort my feed. As a Social Media professional, I'm always looking for new tools to help streamline content. There are time that I just want to see what my close friends are posting. And other times, I want to be inspired by the incredible art that many of the photographers who I follow post.
I was thrilled to read about the new Circles feature on INK361! It allows you to sort the users you follow and see the content you want to see at any given moment. Similar to Circles on G+,  it is easy to use and create categories. I find this feature pretty intuitive and less cumbersome than creating lists on Twitter. Your circles are private, and other users will not know whether you've added or removed them from a circle.
All you need to do is log into your INK361 account, and then you can create Circles right in your feed by clicking on the blue circle icon, or, you can add to and create Circles on each image. You can go as micro as you want with categories - how you organize is all up to you! Pretty simple!


  1. Wow...great advice. I want to start following more people on Instagram and this will keep me organized.

    1. Hi Mary Ann! Yes, this is really a great solution to help you weed through your Instagram feed. Thanks for stopping by!



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