Saturday, September 20, 2014

Old denim gets a new use

Getting ready for the school year in our house meant tackling the boy's closets, and weeding through all of the clothes that did not fit them anymore (I did the same in my own closet too). The obvious cycle for stuff is that Chris' clothing gets handed down to Joey. When clothing does not fit Joey anymore, they are donated if they're still in good condition. These two grow so fast, that most clothing remains in pretty good shape by the time Joey has outgrown the item. The exception to this rule is denim. Who knows why, but, they can't seem to hang on to a pair of jeans without blowing a huge hole in the knee. We've made a few pairs of cutoffs here and there, but the boys really prefer to wear gym shorts all day, and not denim. So - since they can't be recycled for the purpose of wearing again, and since they are in no condition to donate, I'm bringing them to J.Crew as part of the Blue Jeans Go Green program. This is a pretty cool use of old denim. Madewell is also part of the program, as are a few universities around the country. Bring your old jeans to the store, and they send them in to Blue Jeans Go Green to be used to make insulation for communities in need. As if that's not enough of a reason, you will also receive a coupon for money towards new jeans! Thank you Shelley of Calypso in the Country for inspiring my post today!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Mom and Dad

Yesterday was Grandparent's Day, and I can't help but think about my own parents and how I wish they were here with us. My Dad died of ALS in the 1990's when very little was known about the illness, and many people had never even heard of it.  I recently lost my Mom to breast cancer, and she did not go down without quite a fight. My parents were the most wonderful people. They had a lovely, happy marriage and it reflected in their love for each one of their children. I can't even describe how much I miss them. My Dad had only met Greg once while we were dating, and had passed away before my wedding. And while he's never met my kids, I see resemblances of him in both Chris and Joey. Thankfully my Mom was here for the birth of both of my kids, and they remember her dearly. I see my mother's smile in Christopher. Her eyes were always so beautiful and sparkly, especially when she smiled. Christopher has the same exact smile!! I see my Dad's ability to understand complex concepts, and strong mechanical inclination in Joey.

These pictures are from scanned Kodachromes of my parents' honeymoon in Bermuda. These are very special photos to me. My Dad had this picture of my Mom on his dresser for as long as I can remember. And this photo of my Dad is just so classic! He was always known for his fashion sense and was dubbed "the best-dressed professor at UMass!" (he was especially known for having great shoes :) ).

Mom and Dad, I miss you more than words can say. Thank you for being my guardian angels. I will love you forever. xoxoxo.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Football Game for the boys

The boys have made a ton of new friends in the last (almost two!) years that we've been here, and many are football fanatics who attend lots of games. Living here is more like living in the Boston area, where professional sports are abundant, and being a fan is a major part of the local culture. Greg and I also love to attend sporting events, but have always hesitated due to the price of tickets. Here in the metro NYC area, even the "cheap seats" can run a family $400 or more.  When we saw that the Patriots were playing the Giants in pre-season, we began researching seats because we figured they would be less expensive. We used SeatGeek (site a lot like StubHub) and were able to score seats for less than half the price of normal seats on the secondary market (yes!) We bought the seats, and a parking pass (also less than going rate).
When game day arrived, we packed up sandwiches and drinks, and had a little tailgate fun in the parking lot. That was a lot of fun, and the kids were happy to see there were quite a few Patriots fans at Met Life Stadium!

What really impressed me was how much of the game Christopher watched and understood. It was so fun to see him get into the game and watch all of the plays! Joey had a blast too. I think they really loved dancing in between plays and during the TV breaks. They so badly wanted to get on the jumbotron! We are hoping to catch a Rangers game in the near future. Chris has already been eyeing the schedule, and I will be keeping my eye on SeatGeek for reduced price tix! 


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