Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tables of Content.

I have a huge passion for home decor but never really considered myself all that good at it. I remember when I was growing up, my Mom always had magazines like British Home and Gardens, Country Living, and of course BHG coming to our house on a regular basis. Even as a kid I enveloped myself in them and would "redesign" the accessories in our house every now and then, and would quickly put them back where my Mom had them before she found out. But, coffee tables have always been one area of home style that has eluded me. I got some inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers, MaryAnn from Classic Casual Home, and her Project Design Coffee Table styles on Friday. I was immediately put into action, finding all sorts of things from all around my house to create a simple vignette with. I need practicality. I've got two boys and they play inside the way most kids play outside. There are a lot of textures going on here with wicker, mercury glass, roses, and books. Joey helped me out, too by letting me know that the flowers were blocking the TV :-)


  1. Looks gorgeous! I was inspired by Mary Ann's post too! So funny about the roses blocking the tv! I guess you'll have to cut them shorter



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