Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Best Birthday

My birthday earlier in March was made very special by my family and my coworkers alike! The boys took me in to the city on the Saturday before for pizza and then to Cafe Lalo on the upper west side. The place was packed with people and smelled delicious with all the sugar, chocolate, and coffee going on. I have been wanting to take the kids there because it was one of the locations where You've Got Mail was filmed, and it's always fun for them to be at a place where a movie happened. I also knew that this place was very family and kid friendly, and we would not have any trouble finding something for everyone. After we got home that night, I showed them some of the scenes from the move that took place there. Funny to see that not much has really changed since then! Then at work on Monday (my actual birthday), my work family brought in a bunch of treats to celebrate. Serena and her daughter made the gorgeous mason jars and she brought in beautiful flowers to put in them!


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