Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Beach Vacation in Ocean City, NJ

Since moving to New Jersey, we've learned a lot about the Jersey Shore. The first of which is that the real Jersey Shore is simply gorgeous, and nothing like the stereotype that the so-named TV show depicts (admittedly, I have never seen one episode of the show, so I'm only speaking heresay but I can understand why the locals hate the association!)
Living in the NYC burbs, the closest point to us on the shore is Point Pleasant. About 1.5 hours away without any traffic. Point Pleasant is fun, with a boardwalk and lots of activities for kids. But, not really my cup of tea in terms of actual beach. The sand isn't very soft, there are broken shells everywhere and LOTS of seaweed. Not to mention it is teaming with people. Loads and loads of people. So, no paradise found, that's for sure but a great option if you want to experience beachy fun that's close by. In looking for a good combination of family, awesome beach, and a relatively close drive, Greg and I have recently found Seaside Park. Much, much more serene. Beautiful shore, lovely sand, boardwalk. Perfect for a day trip and that's where we've gone for the past two years.
This year, we decided to do some more exploration and venture further south to find a spot where we could stay a few days and really relax. Enter Ocean City, NJ. About 3 hours south of us, and right outside of Atlantic City, this place was perfect for us. Both Greg and I were told by friends and work colleagues that OCNJ is a family-oriented, super clean, and really nice vacation destination. This place did not disappoint and I can see why Coastal Living named it America's Best Beach in 2016. Honestly it had something for everyone. Huge boardwalk, biking, restaurants, quaint downtown area with cute shops, kayaking, SUP, you name it. The water temps were around 80 degrees, and warm enough for dolphins! We loved seeing them bobbing in the waves! All we needed was about two extra days and this would have been the perfect vacation. We will definitely be back next summer, and plan to build in a day or two to go even further south to see Cape May!

Though you can rent bikes everywhere, we towed our own! 
The Forum Hotel where we stayed. Not bad!
Pink Sky and gorgeous beach. Nothing more to say about that!

Boardwalk is open to bikers! So fun!

Ocean City Coffee Co is a delightful treat! 

Had to try the Surrey Bikes!

Dolphin sighting on our last day at the shore!

Fave breakfast spot:  OC Surf Cafe

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Joey's First Communion, and First Yankee's Game

After two years of religious ed and planning for the big day, Joey made his First Holy Communion at St. Elizabeth's Church in Wyckoff on May 7th. We were so grateful that the rain we were having during the week prior had let up for the day! Since we only had a few family members visiting us for this occasion, we decided to take a non-traditional approach and go to see the NY Yankees play the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium after the ceremony was over. What a blast that was! Sue and Bob said it was the first time they've ever seen their team in another stadium and they enjoyed seeing how the local peeps react to a rival! We were so happy that Ally could come too! We were up pretty high in the grandstands. Next time, we may have to sit a little lower haha!
Joey was really impressed with the cake that his friend Reilly had for his first Communion, so we decided to get one for him too! Our good friend Kat creates the most amazing cakes and she really went all out for Joey. She requested a picture of the suit he would be wearing, so that she could create a sugar-based clay doll for the top of Joey's cake in his likeness. I've never seen Joey smile so big as he did when Kat delivered the cake to our house!!
We are so proud of you, Joey!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bunny Cake!

I happened to be watching The Kitchen this morning, and they were talking all about how to make this bunny cake. I don't think I will be trying this recipe because it has too many steps, even though it looks very cute. I am more a fan of this easy peasy version of the cake that I've made a few times.
I began searching #BunnyCake on Instagram thinking that I would uncover even more cakes. While I certainly did find more cakes, I also saw a lot of pictures of the most adorable Yankee Candle ever. Yup. Bunny Cake. This immediately sent me on a mission to get to my nearest Hallmark store to see if I could find one. There was only one left at the Hallmark on Franklin Turnpike, and I was told by the girls there that it was limited edition! I could not resist the bunny ears top, and the bunny feet bottom to go with it because I feel like my Easter decor is kind of light this year.

Joey (who since forever I've called my "baby rabbit") has been sick since Wednesday with the flu and when I set up my candle with the ears, his smile was so big and his eyes so bright it made this improptu mission worth every second!!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

First winter blizzard

We have had a WONDERFUL winter so far. And by wonderful, I mean no major snowstorms until just this past weekend. It really came down. We are lucky to have a lot of boys in the neighborhood, so Joey and Chris loved going over to each of their friends houses as the snow came down. I was so happy this whole thing occurred over the weekend so that we could get out and enjoy it! Greg and I went out to shovel three times throughout the day. We really got our workout in!!

Dove Dry Spray

I was very excited to receive a sample of Dove Dry Spray through Influenster to try. They also gave me a Dove Men's Dry Spray for my husband as well.
As a person with the most sensitive skin in the world, I was a bit nervous about trying this out because I have tried so many antiperspirants throughout the years and they invariably make me itch and break out. Dove goes on very dry, and I am able to get dressed right away and for me this is a big deal since I am always feeling so rushed in the morning. It keeps me feeling very fresh and is far more effective than my current sticky roll-on. I think that the cucumber scent is a bit strong, but it comes in many different scents, as well as unscented.
Dove claims that this dry spray will last for 48 hours. Since I shower every day, I can not speak to whether it stands up to this claim
Nonetheless, I highly recommend it and will definitely purchase this for myself again!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Double Digits!

Look who's 10 years old today! My sweet Christopher. There are not enough words to describe how much this little ray of sunshine means to me. He is my everything. He is kind to everyone, he loves to laugh and knows how important it is to be loyal and nice to his friends. He's the best big brother that Joey could ever ask for. I can't imagine this world without him. Happy Birthday, Christopher!


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