Saturday, January 30, 2016

First winter blizzard

We have had a WONDERFUL winter so far. And by wonderful, I mean no major snowstorms until just this past weekend. It really came down. We are lucky to have a lot of boys in the neighborhood, so Joey and Chris loved going over to each of their friends houses as the snow came down. I was so happy this whole thing occurred over the weekend so that we could get out and enjoy it! Greg and I went out to shovel three times throughout the day. We really got our workout in!!

Dove Dry Spray

I was very excited to receive a sample of Dove Dry Spray through Influenster to try. They also gave me a Dove Men's Dry Spray for my husband as well.
As a person with the most sensitive skin in the world, I was a bit nervous about trying this out because I have tried so many antiperspirants throughout the years and they invariably make me itch and break out. Dove goes on very dry, and I am able to get dressed right away and for me this is a big deal since I am always feeling so rushed in the morning. It keeps me feeling very fresh and is far more effective than my current sticky roll-on. I think that the cucumber scent is a bit strong, but it comes in many different scents, as well as unscented.
Dove claims that this dry spray will last for 48 hours. Since I shower every day, I can not speak to whether it stands up to this claim
Nonetheless, I highly recommend it and will definitely purchase this for myself again!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Double Digits!

Look who's 10 years old today! My sweet Christopher. There are not enough words to describe how much this little ray of sunshine means to me. He is my everything. He is kind to everyone, he loves to laugh and knows how important it is to be loyal and nice to his friends. He's the best big brother that Joey could ever ask for. I can't imagine this world without him. Happy Birthday, Christopher!


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