Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bunny Cake!

I happened to be watching The Kitchen this morning, and they were talking all about how to make this bunny cake. I don't think I will be trying this recipe because it has too many steps, even though it looks very cute. I am more a fan of this easy peasy version of the cake that I've made a few times.
I began searching #BunnyCake on Instagram thinking that I would uncover even more cakes. While I certainly did find more cakes, I also saw a lot of pictures of the most adorable Yankee Candle ever. Yup. Bunny Cake. This immediately sent me on a mission to get to my nearest Hallmark store to see if I could find one. There was only one left at the Hallmark on Franklin Turnpike, and I was told by the girls there that it was limited edition! I could not resist the bunny ears top, and the bunny feet bottom to go with it because I feel like my Easter decor is kind of light this year.

Joey (who since forever I've called my "baby rabbit") has been sick since Wednesday with the flu and when I set up my candle with the ears, his smile was so big and his eyes so bright it made this improptu mission worth every second!!


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