Sunday, May 15, 2016

Joey's First Communion, and First Yankee's Game

After two years of religious ed and planning for the big day, Joey made his First Holy Communion at St. Elizabeth's Church in Wyckoff on May 7th. We were so grateful that the rain we were having during the week prior had let up for the day! Since we only had a few family members visiting us for this occasion, we decided to take a non-traditional approach and go to see the NY Yankees play the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium after the ceremony was over. What a blast that was! Sue and Bob said it was the first time they've ever seen their team in another stadium and they enjoyed seeing how the local peeps react to a rival! We were so happy that Ally could come too! We were up pretty high in the grandstands. Next time, we may have to sit a little lower haha!
Joey was really impressed with the cake that his friend Reilly had for his first Communion, so we decided to get one for him too! Our good friend Kat creates the most amazing cakes and she really went all out for Joey. She requested a picture of the suit he would be wearing, so that she could create a sugar-based clay doll for the top of Joey's cake in his likeness. I've never seen Joey smile so big as he did when Kat delivered the cake to our house!!
We are so proud of you, Joey!


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