Welcome to my blog! 

I am Mary-Irene and I'm an Engineer by degree-turned-Marketer who loves blogs, social media, technology, and all things digital. I've been writing this blog since 2007!

About "My Digital Life":

My Digital Life is a digital journal that I started back in 2007 because I thought a blog would be a great way to document my children's lives.

I truly enjoy blogging as a personal creative outlet, and I love reading others' blogs. I am always thankful that you've stopped by for a visit!

My family and I at Whittier Fruit Farm in October 2011, Rochester, NY (photo cred @ljc)

Pere Marquette River, Michigan 2013

Christopher's First Communion: St. Elizabeth's Church. Wyckoff, NJ , May 2014
The four of us in Ludington, Michigan. July 2015 
Here we are in Ocean City, NJ. August 2016
Ocean City, NJ August 2017

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