Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Boy do I feel underwhelming these days. Said I was going to make some time to keep this blog going during my maternity leave and I can barely do a post a week!
We have been so busy lately that I never make time to think about blogging, let alone actually do it.

We are enjoying the fall-like weather here in Roch. It gets pretty cool at night, say in the 40's, but nice and sunny and low 70's during the day. Perfect if you ask me.

Great for taking long walks with the baby!

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  1. Sounds like the fall we are experiencing around here. By late afternoon and into evening the weather is perfect and slowly getting into that cool stage. Mornings are clear and crisp...I love it! Enjoy the babies...blogs can wait for later. Mine are both in school all day and sometimes I wonder where the time went when they needed me all day. Onto the next stage...



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