Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Having Christopher home every day has been wonderful! The only glitch in this whole plan is the nap schedule. These two kids have entirely different personalities and needs when it comes to sleep behaviors.
Joe is quite capable of soothing himself right to sleep. Luckily, I did not have to go through any of the torture of having him "cry it out" like some parents do to get him to be able to do this. I simply learned to read his "I'm tired" cues, and then I place him in his bed with his stuffed animal, and off he goes. This will probably all change tonight now that I've put it in writing!
Christopher is a different story. He requires what feels like an endless routine to get him to sleep. He wants either me or Greg to lie down with him. He needs story after story after story. In between stories he wants to come downstairs for snacks. It's not good at all. How we let it perpetuate into this is beyond me.
So now, naps are really tricky. Chris was used to taking a 1-2 hour nap every day at school (BTW without all of the above described routine....hmmmm).
The only way I seem to have any success is if Joe is already asleep for his nap. Then this gives me time to work on Chris.
Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to figure something out that will work! Or maybe, Chris is just outgrowing the need for naps.

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  1. I love nap time. I was lucky enough to get both my kids down at the same time. It worked for both of them up until 1st grade. My daughter is the queen of delay tactics at bedtime. We started taking away privileges one by one each time she got up and that worked!



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