Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Maternity Leave = House Projects??

Talk about delusional! I need to stop initiating mini projects around here. I start them, and then I never find the time to finish! It's not like taking care of kids every day gives you any spare time to get the house in order. What was I thinking, anyway?
Here's the list of projects around the house that I've initiated and have yet to finish:
1. Linen closet. Just bought some luxurious new bath towels at Linen's and Things (they're going out of business, prices are reduced, but not by much). I need to weed out the older towels that these newbies will replace. Need to organize that closet in general! It's a MESS!
2. Children's clothing. I have piles and piles of clothes that I need to sort through. I saved all of Christopher's clothes, and Joseph has been making good use of them. Once Joe outgrows them, then they go in the "Craig's List" pile. Because I swear I am going to put stuff up on Craig's List. Just haven't gotten to it!
3. Maternity Clothes- I have a tote full of clothing that I need to post on Craig's List. We're done having children and I will not need those clothes again. Yay!
4. The pantry! This one is tough!!! It seems like just when I have it organized to my liking, it gets all messed up again!!! One trip to the grocery store is all it seems to take to throw it off kilter.
Here's the pantry today. messy messy!


  1. I love reading this. I just don't have the motivation to do the same. It's easy to keep up with your daily lives and I can come back after weeks away and do a quick catch up.


  2. Once the kids are bigger you will find time, so don't worry about it too much. Leave the mess if you can tolerate it! Ah, I sold so much of the kids' clothes on ebay and made great money....get moving on that!



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