Saturday, October 18, 2008

Peet's Coffee! Not bad but not great either

Yesterday, a package came from my Mum with a ton of goodies for the boys, and a pound of Peet's for Greg and I ( thanks, Mum!!! You are too nice!).
I have been wanting to try Peets, but have not really made much of an effort to go and find it anywhere. I know Wegmans sells a few different varities, but not the whole range. With such great local places like Parkleigh and Canal Town Coffee Roasters who carry their own coffee, you really don't need to search very far to find a good brew.
I was really excited to brew up some Peets today. I am sipping my first cup as I type this post, and I have to say I like it, but I don't love it. It won't replace my favorites like Parkleigh Private Blend, or their Kenya AA.
I love coffee, but have never been a fan of the blends that are bitter or really strong. I am a bit of a wimp, I like my coffee really mild yet flavorful.
Nonetheless, this cup of coffee is going down real nicely, after a night of many awakenings due to a little baby with a stuffy nose!!

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  1. While Peet's has a few good blends, it is really a hit and miss with them. I do enjoy their Major Dickinson's blend and their holiday blend as well. I'll stick with my illy in a pinch though ;) How is baby feeling?



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