Monday, October 20, 2008

Vaccines- the necessary evil

Ugh! Today baby Joe goes for his 4 month well-baby checkup. And we all know what that means- vaccines! And many of them! Boy did I really hate going through this with Christopher. I think the shots hurt me as much as they hurt him. I was so concerned with giving too many vaccines all at once, at such a young age. I wondered, like many parents do, whether they were to blame for the rise in incidences of Autism and other developmental disorders. There were times when I was downright obsessed over it. Researching on line feverishly trying to find answers. Are they safe or not?? I still had Chris get every shot on schedule, nonetheless. Our pediatrician aligns with the AAP, so he would never recommend not having shots.
I thought for sure this would be easier with Joe since I was more experienced with this, having had Chris get the shots with no issues. But no such luck. I'm nervous about it for sure.
All the evidence out there shows that vaccines are safe. But, every baby is different and every baby has different ways of processing "stuff". All of the vaccines administered by our pediatrician's office do not contain thimerosol, so this makes me feel somewhat more confident about it.
The fact of the matter is this- I am going back to work in January, and these kids go to a preschool/daycare and in order to go, they must get their vaccines. In a way, this makes the decision much easier for me. Just do it.


  1. You know, there for a while you had the choice whether your child was vaccinated or not. I know a lot of parents who never vaccinated their children for whatever reason they had at the time, but now that the laws changed regarding school entry, a lot of those parents had to take their older kids to be vaccinated. We can take comfort in the fact that our babies won't remember being vaccinated, right? I'm with you, it was hard to be a part of but I am thankful for having them done. When Claire had to register for Kindergarten she ended up having to get 5 shots in one day to qualify for registration. Talk about traumatic, plus she couldn't walk for 3 days due to her leg hurting. It was awful. Now she and Jordan talk about how when they are 14 they have to have their last vaccination! The drama of it all.
    I watch the segments on Oprah regarding autism and it makes you wonder why some kids are affected by these vaccinations and some aren't. I wold feel endlessly guilty if my child was affected.
    Can you believe I had to have a tetanus shot the other day? I swear I didn't cry but my arm sure hurts!
    Are you ready to go back to work in January?

  2. I don't want to go back to work! I'm enjoying maternity leave so much!



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