Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Because Sometimes One Just isn't Enough.

Not a day goes by where one of these kids does something to bring a smile to my face. I happened to be in the kitchen this morning, when Chris called to me and pointed out his use of the double-"beebee" (he dubbed his pacifier a "beebee" when he first began to speak, and that's what we've referred to it as since). I had to get a picture of it, because he thought he was being so funny and knew it would make me laugh!
Incidentally, I would say that Christopher's lack of readiness (or desire, if you will) to beat his addiction to the beebee has been a serious sore spot with the teachers at the preschool we send him too. Chris will be three in January, and his teachers think he should have kicked the habit by now. I explain to them that it comforts him and he only needs it at certain times and as his parent, I am not concerned even if you are! My Mom has even made comments! She told me she was watching the all-knowing Oprah and that there were two experts on her show who said that children should not have a pacifier after age three. Well, gee, if Oprah thinks three year olds should be able to give up the pacifier, then I better get working on it!
Christopher really only needs his beebee to fall asleep, and sometimes while riding in the car. We have spoken to Dr.Cohen, our family doctor and he says there really is no harm in him using it when he needs to. Other kids suck their thumbs for comfort, and do it well past the age of three. I have to admit, I do wish we could find a way to have him not depend on a pacifier. In some ways I do think he should be able to do without it, but I'm not ready to push the issue just yet.
We'll wait to see how he does when I return to work. If he still only needs it for sleeping, then we'll contemplate having the BeeBee Fairy come to the house.

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  1. I don't see the issue as long as he uses it for comfort at bedtime and relaxing in the car. If it bothers you, then the one to call to get advice is the dentist to see if he is doing anything harmful to his teeth and overall bite. Otherwise, leave it be. I would think he would be too little to totally yank away his bit of comfort at this young age.



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